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A36 is one of the most commonly available steels. A36 bends more quickly than 1018 and is a less expensive alternative. We offer this product in the ground condition, saving you both time and machining cost. A36 is typically used in the construction of bridges, buildings, oil rigs, railroad tracks, to form tanks, and many more structural and mechanical applications.

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A36 Steel Shapes and Sizes

A36 comes in many shapes and sizes such as round, square, and rectangle. Custom orders welcome. 

A36 Steel Grade Technical Specifications

Below are the technical specifications for our A36 Steel.

Typical Analysis of A36 Steel

Typical Analysis
C Cu Mn Si S I P
(0.25 - 0.29%) 0.20% 1.03% 0.28% 0.05% 98% 0.04%

C - Carbon, Cu - Copper, Mn - Maganese, Si - Silicon, S - Sulfer, I - Iron, P - Phosphorous

General Characteristics of A36 Steel

Below are more of the characteristics of A36 steel that may help you in your purchase decision. Did you know that A36 is sometimes referred to as the “mild steel”?

General Characteristics

ASTM A36 Steel is the most generally used mild and hot-rolled steel. It is a low carbon steel that is characterized by good strength, formability, and excellent welding properties. It is an easy steel to machine, fabricate, and weld. A36 is suitable for grinding, tapping, drilling, punching, and machining processes. This steel can be galvanized to produce increased corrosion resistance. ATSM 36 steel is commonly available in the following forms: square bar, rectangle bar, circular rod, H-beams, and I-beams.

Typical applications of A36 Steel

Below are some of the most typical applications of A36 steel. As mentioned above, A36 is used more in constructing major structures such as bridges, tanks, and buildings. 

Typical Applications
ASTM A36 is typically used in machinery parts, structural applications, buildings, bridges, automotive, railroad tracks, oil rigs, tanks, agricultural equipment, stakes, gears, forgings, base plates, and more.

Heat Treatment of A36 Steel (In Fahrenheit )

It is not advisable to heat treat A36 steel because it is low carbon, but there are other ways of treating A36 that won’t cause damage to the steel.

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