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D2 is an air hardening high – carbon high chromium die steel well suited for long run tool and die applications. An abundance of extremely hard, wear, resisting alloy carbide particles imparts excellent abrasion resistance qualities. These carbides are well dispersed resulting in consistent response of the steel during all machining, heat treating, and production operations. 

D2 Tool Steel Shapes and Sizes

Below is our stock sizes for D2 Tool Steel. Special sizing, cutting, and grinding are available upon request.

Stock Sizes

1/2" thru 8" Typically 43" X 96"

Any intermediate size available with our extensive cutting and grinding facilities.

D2 Tool Steel Grade Technical Specifications

Below is the technical specifications for our D2 Tool Steel

Typical Analysis of D2 Tool Steel


Typical Analysis







1.50% 0.40% 0.40% 12.00% 0.95% 0.90%

C - Carbon, Mn - Maganese, Si - Silicon, Cr - Chromium, V - Vanadium, Mo - Molybdenum

General Characteristics of D2 Tool Steel

General Characteristics

A high carbon, high chromium type tool steel, D2 combines exceptional wear resisting properties with maximum toughness at high hardness in sections of all sizes. Minimum tendency to distort during heat treatment makes D2 popular where intricate die designs are involved, or in any application requiring extreme stability during heat treatment. D2 is widely used in long run, high production applications where long die life is desired.


Typical applications of D2 Tool Steel

Typical Applications

Forming rolls, thread rolling dies, blanking dies, trim dies, shear blades, fine blanking tools, feed screws, Industrial Knives, Slitters.


Heat Treatment of D2 Tool Steel (In Fahrenheit )

Heat Treatment (degrees in Fahrenheit)






2100 to 1700

1600 to 1650

1450 to 1500

1800 to 1875

400 to 600

Effects of tampering of D2 Tool Steel ( In Rockwell C )

Effects of Tempering (Measured in Rockwell C)

As hardened

400 deg. F

600 deg. F

800 deg. F

1000 deg. F

62 to 64

60 to 62

58 to 60

57 to 59

54 to 56

D2 Tool Steel Inventory

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